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Chobe National Park, Botswana

Chobe National Park lies in Botswana’s Okavango Delta and it’s one the world’s largest remaining wilderness areas offering the most diverse array of wildlife out of all of Botswana’s national parks. Chobe boasts around 120,000 elephants and the Savuti marsh in particular offers some of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa year round.

Best time to Visit Chobe National Park

◦ During the dry season from April to October the water pans dry up and the animals tend to congregate close to the river banks making it easier to spot them. The dry season also means the trees and shrubs lose their leaves, and the grasses are short, making it much easier to see further into the bush to spot wildlife.

◦ The “green season” after the rains start in November to March is also very rewarding, This is the time of year that the little ones are born and nothing can be cuter than baby zebra, warthogs and elephants. Birdlife is also best when it’s green and watery from November to March, as migrating flocks come to visit.

What to do in Chobe National Park

◦ The wildlife is the number one attraction in Chobe so safari drives in open vehicles are the best way to enjoy the local flora and fauna. You are allowed to take your own vehicle into the park, but it should be a 4×4.

◦ Bird-watching: Over 460 species of birds (including carmine bee-eater raptors, eagles and kingfishers) have been sighted in Chobe so make sure your safari guide is close at hand to spot/identify them out for you.

◦ Safari cruises are a highlight of any visit to Chobe.  Sail on the Chobe River in the morning or afternoon and get close to a pod of hippo, group of elephant, or any other wildlife on the river banks.

Where to Stay in Chobe National Park

◦ Experience living on water in the midst of a large safari park on an Ichobezi luxury safari boat. Each room has its own small boat that will take you on a river safari once the boat has docked at various beautiful locations along the banks of the Chobe. http://www.ichobezi.co.za.

◦ Abu Camp is made up of luxurious custom-designed tents raised on teak platforms with bathrooms that include huge copper bathsset in a pristine pocket of riverine forest in the midst of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Named after a very special bull elephant, Abu Camp is amazingly beautiful Book via http://www.wilderness-safaris.com/botswana_okavango_delta/abu_camp/

◦ Camp Okavango – situated on the remote Nxaragha Island, accommodates 22 people in walk-through Safari tents. Boasts one of the most amazing honeymoon suites in Africa; the Jesse Suite, named after a previous owner of the Camp who insisted guests dine under crystal chandeliers served by white-gloved servants! It’s not like that now, but still luxurious. http://www.desertdelta.com/lodges/lodge/13/camp-okavango



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