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The Prominent Civil Rights Advocacy group-: HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has carpeted the Supreme Court of Nigeria for its shameful failure to comprehensively review the judgment it gave in the governorship tussle between the dethroned governor Emeka Ihedioha of the People’s Democratic Party and the Supreme Court recognized Governor Senator Hope Uzodinma of APC. 

HURIWA in a brief reaction to the dismissal by six out of the seven panelists of the Supreme court which rejected the prayers of the erstwhile governor Emeka Ihedioha said the Supreme Court of Nigeria under the mismanaged leadership of the Chief justice of Nigeria Muhammad Tanko has thrown away an opportunity on the platter of gold to remedy a damage it inflicted on its reputation for ever. HURIWA said SUPREME COURT cannot justify the grave error it committed by validating results from polling centers that the Independent National Electoral commission did not authenticate thereby legalizing over voting and awarding victory to the All Progressives Congress Hope Uzodinma who came fourth in the contest. HURIWA however commentus Justice Santus Nweze who gave the minority judgment and corrected the errors done in the morally challenged verdict originally issued by justice Kekere-Ekun in the judgment which was unsuccessfully challenged in the dismissed application for REVIEW.  The Rights group said although the effort by Justice Nweze was insufficient to amend the errors of the supreme court but it stands applauded for acknowledging the widely help position that the first judgment was fundamentally faulty.         

HURIWA recalled that the Supreme Court has dismissed an application filed by Mr Emeka Ihedioha.

In the suit, Mr Ihedioha asked the apex court to review its judgment which sacked him as the governor of Imo State.

A seven-man panel of judges led by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Tanko Muhammad, dismissed the suit on Monday.

HURIWA however has asked Governor Hope Uzodinma to move quickly to restore governance in Imo state which has been absent since the judgment that brought him (Hope UZODINMA) into office was controversially made. HURIWA also hopes that the good people of Imo state will accept the distasteful judgment for the sake of peace in Imo state.

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