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Members of the Human Writers Association (HURIWA) has just urged for calm based on the strength of dozens of petitions and the public protest against the continued stay of a certain police officer in the Enugu state command (Assistant Commissioner of Police Fidelis Ogarebe) due to his alleged professional misconduct creating loss of confidence by the citizens against the Enugu State Police command. The Prominent Civil Rights Advocacy group addressed the protesters at the just ended SOUTH EAST SECURITY SUMMIT IN ENUGU. The National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko confirmed that Comrade Umar Farouk led a delegation of HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) to address the protesters numbering in their hundreds who displayed several colorful banners.

The protesters positioned themselves by fence of Enugu State Universal Education Board on Wednesday during Security Summit carrying placards and banners expressing dismay on the naked interference in a purely civil case by one Assistant Commissioner of Police F OGARABE of Enugu State Command in the Ugwuaji/Ogui Nike Land dispute already in the court. However, HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has been contacts by some Enugu based Non-Governmental organizations who disputed the accusations of the protesters against the Assistant Commissioner of Police with some of them hailing ACP Ogerebe as a HARDENED CRIME FIGHTER.

The protesters stated that several petitions written against the erring police officer sent to the Police Service Commission in Abuja are yet to be acted upon. The inactions of the PSC are emboldening the police officer to defiantly interfere in matters already before a competent court of jurisdiction.

Is Nigeria a banana republic that this brazen disrespect to the rule of law by serving police officer can go unchallenged?, the protesters asked. Did he the senior police officer joined the NPF only to undermine the judicial process of a purely OTONOZI LAND situated at Ugwuaji Awkwunanaw that is a civil matter? How can the Nigerian police allow one man to reduce their duties to being merchants of Land grab?, they asked just as they submitted a written petition to the HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA’s) team that visited Enugu to observe the SOUTH EAST SECURITY SUMMIT.

The protesters demanded the removal of the ACP Ogarabe from the state command on the ground of being in Enugu State for too long. Adding that there is more than meet the eyes on his perpetual staying in the state and manipulation of the system to remain in the state for too long.

Speakers at the event condemned the conduct of the police on land matter already before the court as reckless, unlawful, brazen impunity and unacceptable. One of the most vociferous speakers also said that they will reevaluate the protests.

They expressed surprise that even the military withdrew their involvement in the matter to show respect to the judicial process hence the matter is in court.

It is a statement of allegations that land grabbers procured the service of the ACP to unleash force, intimidation, harassment and torture against the defenseless members of the community that resisted them. The ACP allegedly received many plots of land in the area as compensation for his aiding them in the criminal seizure of the land in question. However, these are mere allegations which the POLICE SERVICE COMMISSION need to investigate to ascertain the veracity or otherwise.

The protesters demanded for the IGP Mohammed Adamu to post the erring police officer to Sambisa Forest in Borno or Kamuku forest in Kaduna where high handed services are needed most in the struggles by the force to tackle terrorists, criminals, kidnappers and bandits.

HURIWA also disclosed as follows: “HURIWA has written to several International Human Rights organizations across the world such as Freedom House, National Endowment for Democracy and Robert Kennedy Foundation respectively in Washington DC on the refusal of the Police Service Commission to act on our petitions against the alleged unprofessional conduct of the police man”.

“In due course the Human Rights campaigners threaten to drag the Police Service Commission to court for failure to discharge her statutory mandates which is why there is a general breakdown of discipline and professionalism in the NIGERIAN POLICE FORCE. HURIWA may institute a suit before the ECOWAS Community Court for crimes against humanity against the PSC for aiding and abetting criminality and professional misconducts in the police and acts of brigandage against innocent Nigerian Citizens. If the IGP refuses to initiate disciplinary measures and immediate removal of the officer from the state.

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