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A pro-constitutional Non-governmental organization – HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has charged the Lagos state Attorney General; the inspector General of police Alhaji Ibrahim Idriss, Kpodum and the Lagos state governor to intervene to ensure justice in the alleged murder by Mr. Samuel Mgbeodinma of his wife Mrs. Onyedikachi Dinma (Nee Ngoforo) in Lagos state.

HURIWA has also asked President Muhammadu Buhari to reorganize the ministries of youth/sports and women Affairs so these beats can be headed by pro-human rights ministers even as there is the urgent need for states in the federation and the federal government to establish functional directorates to take care of domestic violence. The Rights group said there is an epidemic of domestic violence because the justice sector has been crippled by many factors and because there is high level of governmental impunity in high places and because ordinary people see their elected officials behave recklessly without adherence to the Rule of law so they too believe that they can commit murder and manipulate the dysfunctional system to go unpunished. Federal government needs to embark on massive advocacy campaigns to sensitize Nigerians on the inevitable fate that await them should they be involved in domestic violence.

The Rights group lamented that the allegedly killed Mrs. Onyedikachi Dinma (Nee Ngoforo) who was 12 weeks pregnant and murdered allegedly by her husband Mr. Samuel Mgbeodinma, is the fourth woman  to have been killed by their spouses in the last two weeks. The group has there called for a national summit on domestic violence and for the law to be fully carried out against suspected murderers.

“Whilst we call on the Lagos state police commissioner who is building a reputation for himself as a non-nonsense officer to take direct charge of this case of suspicious death of this youngster Mrs. Onyedikachi Ngoforo in the hands of her husband, we are petitioning the Inspector General of police so his attention is drawn to the allegations that the parents of the alleged killer husband who is on the run, are beginning to build up some conspiracy theories on the cause of the death of their daughter-in-law even before a scientific autopsy is carried out on her remains.”

“May we call the attention of both the Lagos state police commissioner and the Inspector General of Police to the statements made by the mother of the allegedly murdered house wife Mrs. Onyedikachi Dinma (Nee Ngoforo) to the friend of her daughter in which she narrated the ugly scenarios of domestic violence and abuses her late daughter was subjected to before her suspicious death. “Meg Barn, a trusted friend of the murdered lady wrote that Gloria’s mother Mrs. Josephine NGOFORO who resides in Ilorin Kwara state and her younger sister Ogoochukwu Arinze called her yesterday

Excerpts of the call goes thus:  “SAMUEL MGBEODINMA, met her daughter in the month of August 2017, proposed to her in January 2018 and married her February 2018.”

“That was how Gloria moved in with Samuel at 72b Okeamu Street, Off Governor Road, ikotun Lagos. There have been series of complains from my daughter regarding her sisters in law Onyinye and peace. (Who are married)….who frequents her house to come and make trouble with her.”

“Few days before… the ugly incident Gloria called me and told me, that her father in-law… slapped her…. when I heard this ( I planned to come down to Lagos and see things for myself, but couldn’t immediately, because I was nursing my husband, Gloria’s father who has partial stroke).On Saturday 16th of June 2018…. Gloria called me from this her number… (08060465493)… sounding very frightened, when asked what’s the problem was again? She told me her husband and sisters in law (Samuel… Onyinye and peace) were fighting her… In confusion, I told her to run into the toilet and lock the door…… I tried several times to reach my daughter Gloria again, but her number was switched off…. Even her husband’s phone number too was switched off”

“I couldn’t reach my daughter or the husband from that Saturday afternoon till Sunday morning, when Samuel MGBEODINMA called me and told me he was with Gloria in the house, when she “”slipped”” and fell and died, Gloria is not epileptic. Gloria my daughter was 12 weeks pregnant….. When she was murdered…Samuel MGBEODINMA give me back my daughter, her mother cried”.

HURIWA at the press conference in Abuja praised some female rights advocacy groups like Project Alert for waging relentless advocacy against domestic violence even as it charged the Lagos based Project Alert not to allow Gloria Onyedikachi Dinma (nee Ngoforo) to die in vain.

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