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The attention of the Management of National Youth Service Corps has been drawn to a publication of the Authority Newspaper of Tuesday, 24th April, 2018 captioned; ‘‘NYSC Introduces Sharia in FCT Camp’’.

The writer in the publication claimed that the NYSC scheme in FCT camp Kubwa has introduced Sharia practice including the banning of sales of alcoholic drinks and non-socialization of male and female corps members.

The NYSC Management views this allegation very seriously and wishes to state that there is nothing like Introduction of Sharia Practice in any NYSC Orientation Camp including the FCT Camp.

 However, Management wishes to state that the scheme runs a prototype policy in all NYSC Orientation Camps Nationwide. The camps are coordinated with a uniform timetable. There is also freedom of worship for both Muslim and Christian corps members.

On the issue of restriction of socialization of male and female Corps Members, this again negates the whole essence of the scheme as it is not possible for any camp management to stop the social integration of corps members in an orientation camp. For the avoidance of doubt, corps members are grouped into platoons and it comprises both male and female and they carry out all camp activities together.

The general public and especially serving Corps Members should disregard the issue of introduction of Sharia in FCT or any other orientation camp nationwide.



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