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This is the sickening moment a cruel dog owner slams her puppy on the patio with such force, it suffered car crash-style injuries.

Shocking footage shows Joanne Hosking, 41, hurl Jack Russel terrier Edie onto a paving slab from shoulder height after it knocked over her cup of coffee.

The terrified dog is then punched and slammed into the ground for a second time, when it appears to lose consciousness before Hosking grabs its lifeless body and brings it inside her house.

The horrendous abuse was filmed by a neighbor from her bedroom window last July.

Hosking was jailed for 18 weeks at Bodmin Magistrates’ Court on Thursday after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The court heard the dog suffered a dislocated hip for seven days and would have been in great pain. The dog later needed an operation to remove part of the joint.

The court was told its level of injury was similar to that often seen in a car crash, according to Cornwall Live.

When officers went to the property, the court was told that Hosking claimed the dog was injured in falling from a table — but a vet later confirmed that the injuries “could not have been obtained in that way.”

When interviewed about the incident, Hosking claimed that the dog was “a nutter” and “ran around like a lunatic launching herself off of things.”

Hosking and her husband, Christopher, 45, from St Ives, Cornwall, have both been banned for life from keeping any animal after they both admitted failing to provide veterinary care for the dog.

RSPCA Inspector Paul Kempson said: “The number of times that I’ve had to sit through that video and watch it, when I see that little 12-month-old, innocent dog being picked up to shoulder height and slammed down onto concrete paving slabs twice and hearing the thud as she makes contact — it actually turns my stomach every time I see it.”

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