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It’s become a familiar and somewhat pastoral sight in the area of Henrico’s Twin Hickory subdivision — a meandering pig.
Police responded to Nuckols Road after 8 a.m. on Tuesday to nab the animal that was running back and forth in the road, said Lt. Shawn Sears, with the Henrico AnimalProtection Police.
The pig, which officers cornered off the road, is believed to be the same one that’s been spotted in the area for weeks, Sears said.
“We were able to catch him this morning,” Sears said. “He is no longer an issue, thank goodness.”
Craig A. Forman was driving into work around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday when he spotted the animal.
At first, Forman said that from a distance it looked like a dog that police were trying to catch. Upon closer inspection, he could tell it was not a dog. Forman took a cellphone video of the police pursuit of the scurrying pig.
“The cops were laughing,” said Forman, a managing partner at an insurance company. “It looked like a pretty good funny scene.”
On their Facebook page, Henrico police posted video of the chase and noted that help was on the way to respond to the wayward animal.
“Just another day at the office,” police said on Facebook before inviting anyone to honor the latest pig sighting with their own pig-themed GIFs.
Sears said police had been hearing reports for weeks that there was a pig on the loose in the area.
Sears said the animal is a neutered male pot-bellied pig. The animal was probably meant to be someone’s pet that just got loose, Sears said.
Still, it’s not a very social creature, the lieutenant said. Police tried for weeks to catch it, but reported sightings covered a broad area. In recent days, though, the animal has been spotted in a more specific location, Sears said.
“We had set up a trap at a place he had been seen and had not had any luck,” Sears said.
Police were able to nab the pig in a hilly spot near a fence, Sears said.
“Pigs are extremely difficult to catch,” Sears said.
Police intend to hold the animal in case an owner steps forward to claim the pig. If not, then police plan to place him with an animal rescue organization.
Given the pig’s stand-offish nature, it’s not the kid of animal they would adopt out, Sears said.


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