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 Australia’s live export trade has seen 4,000 sheep and over 500 cattle die in the first half of 2017. Photograph: David Gray/Reuters
Nearly 4,000 sheep and more than 500 cattle died while being shipped overseas in the first half of 2017, a report tabled to federal parliament has said.
One particularly deadly voyage, where almost 100 cattle died on an eight-day trip, is under investigation by the Department of Agriculture and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.
According to the report, tabled on Thursday, almost 777,000 sheep were loaded in Australia for export between last December and June this year, and almost 445,000 cattle.
About 0.5% of the sheep (3,839) were lost, and 0.12% (522) of cattle.
In April, almost 100 out of 1,236 cattle died on an eight-day trip from Darwin to Malaysia and Brunei. 90 were euthanised as a result of slipping.
It was the first voyage of a new livestock vessel, which has now had its Australian certificate revoked. The ship cannot be used for export again until it obtains a valid certificate.
“The mortality rate for this consignment was 7.79%, exceeding the reportable level of 0.5% for voyages less than 10 days,” the report said.

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