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As posted by Bibian Mmasinachi

Fr. Pat Edet has worked with us at the Police Chaplaincy (though not a Police Chaplain), he worked very closely with Fr Raph Faghohun at Garki, Abuja. The story about his leaving the Priesthood is true as has been confirmed by his diocesan brother who is with us here. (2) It was alleged that he bought some hectares of land with the sum of N100m and the Bishop was not in support of it. (3) He told the Bishop to relieve him of all his parish commitments so he can face his GRACE FAMILY MINISTRY but the Bishop cautioned him, and he disobeyed.  (4) The summary is that he left the Church so he can be solely in charge of his ministry. He has made so much money and was lured away by that fact.

Info , from the Facebook post of Come Uzoma

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