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A pro-Democracy and Non-Governmental Organization– HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA  (HURIWA) has condemned the growing resort to primitive self-help by mobs against suspected criminals even as it has asked the Lagos State police command to check the expanding use of lynch mob ‘justice’ against suspected members of the killer Badoo cult group. 

The Rights group said the reported butchering of three men in Ikorodu by a mob led by the Vigilante on the ground that the men driving in an SUV were seen with three big stones inside their exotic car is absolutely unnecessary and condemnable just as the Rights group wondered why the Nigeria police force and the Department of State services  (DSS) in addition to all the security forces in Lagos have allowed the security situation in Ikorodu to deteriorate to the unacceptable level whereby the victimized civilian population have resorted to the illegal use of brute force to avenge the alleged killings of their kiths and kins by members of badoo secret cult group.
The Rights group said the recorded video of the slaughter into pieces of the three suspected badoo cultists in Ikorodu this Sunday morning which has gone viral has understandably created the global wrongful image of Nigeria as a Country of lawless monsters who butcher suspected criminals at the whims and irrational caprices of an unruly mob.
 HURIWA said the reported meeting between the police and OUDUA People’s Congress (OPC) on the strategy to adopt to tackle the unprecedented attacks of civilians by suspected badoo cultists must not be used as a cover to allow the mobs to vent their anger on just any group of people driving through their community on very unsubstantiated and mere suspicions that those arrested are said to belong to badoo cult group.

HURIWA said: “We call on the Lagos state government and the Acting President Professor Yemi Osinbanjo to direct the authority of the Nigerian police force and all other relevant security agencies to activate law based mechanisms for confronting the security challenges posed by the emerging cult related killers in Ikorodu. The people are entitled to effective and efficient policing so as to safeguard the rule of law. The descent into anarchy and lawlessness of the angry mobs wouldn’t augur well because innocent persons may be killed on the wrong assumption that they are members of the badoo group of cultists”.


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