June 29, 2017 0 Comments

Why the youths should live beyond slaying and get involve in Nigeria politics
Since the date our constitution got into action, it has been placed and accepted by our  people that it is only the aged that should be allowed to involve in politics of the higher level.
They see the older people as the experienced and suited to administer the country,   it was believed that they knew and understood the country and its requirements better than the youths.
I no longer subscribe to that adage that says,,,, ,,,, what an older person sees while sitting down, that the young person will not smell it Even on top of a tree.
Politics have over the years  perceived by so many as a practice of corruption, looting of all kinds, oppression of the poor and so on.
Now I urge the youths to come in, get involved and change the rotten perception,
Youths with their young Brain, young blood and fresh ideas with multiple exposure both from tourism and so on will go a long way in reuniting and restructuring out  political system.
The way our youths mingle with each other on social media, I believe that if given a chance, they will help and eradicate tribalism.

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