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Thanks to the fantastic work of campaigners across the country, Asda announced this week that it will be putting Free Range Dairy Farmer’s Milk in 258 more stores, taking the total to 367. This is good news for moos!
Celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty talked about the benefits of free range milk in their Channel 4 show, Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast. Most dairy farmers graze their cows for part of the year; however, there are currently no guidelines set by the industry to specify the number of days and nights a cow should be kept outdoors. Free Range Dairy Farmer’s Milk caries the Pasture Promise logo TM, which means it only comes from cows that are grazed for at least 180 days and nights a year.
Neil Darwent, who set up the Free Range Dairy Network, adds: “Seeing Free Range Dairy Farmer’s Milk in a national supermarket has been a huge milestone for us. We’re thrilled that customers are putting our milk in their baskets as this means we can continue to grow the Free Range Dairy Network and make sure more farmers are benefitting from committing to our simple farming method.”
Cows on grass

Ian Woodhurst, the farming campaigner for World Animal Protection says: “This is a great success for our Full Fact Milk campaign which has called for UK consumers to be given a choice about the milk they buy, so they can help keep cows on grass instead of permanently housed in sheds.”

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