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With the increasing rate of divorce , one need to be very careful when choosing a life partner .first let me list out reasons you need not to settle for.Am not talking about love because it does not exist. my next article will explain that.
           # Do not marry because he is cute
            — That he is rich or the family is rich
           —-Because he knows how to ride on you
            —-Because the mother loves you
             —- because he is your family friend and so on.

My sweet people if the above listed options are the source of your marriage, you really need to get your kneels ready for prayers because 20% out of marriage that formed like that end up enjoying and having a lasting marriage.

Let me go to the paramount of my article. which is things to consider before saying yes to a proposal.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  1, CONSIDER YOUR GOALS FIRST.  Now you will have to figure out the height you want to reach before making a family, are you independent enough , becoming independent is not just having properties nor money , but mentally. will you be able to stand as a woman to handle issues, and every challenge that may occur in your marriage. will you be able to stand and make decision for yourself or on behalf of your partner when he is not around. if yes then follow me to the second stage.

  2 TASTE, Is he the kind of man you always wish to marry, physically . is he the man you will be proud to walk on the road with, will you be proud to introduce him to your friends. did he speak to your taste. sorry i have to say all that but so many marriages died just because of that, some get married blindly without considering that and at the end of the day, they end up looking outside there home which sometimes lead to divorce if not properly taken care of.

3, CULTURE, Some people dont consider it necessary but i really do. find out if your partners culture is what u will love to fit in or adjust to. if not, my dear run for your life.

4, HEALTH HISTORY. Try and find out the medical condition of your partner, some will try to hide it but if both of you are very close, you must find out. i dont mean you should leave your man because of health challenges but if better you find out. if your love is strong enough to stand it, good than to end up finding out after marriage. because research has shown series of divorce  that came from that.

4. HIS PAST AND PRESENT CHARACTER. Like we always say, past belong to the past, but in most cases, past influence the future. life a guy that beats a woman , it takes grace of God for him to stop . and so many of them. so you need to find out all that if possible .

5.FINANCIAL CAPACITY. Am not saying that you must go for a rich man. NO, the thing is that you need to know so as to prepare your self. some guys will like to offer you heaven on earth during relationship just for him to attract you into marriage , and when you enter and you dont see the luxury anymore, problem will start and sometimes lead to divorce. so is good you find out his real capability , poor or rich so that you can adjust to it.

6 .UNDERSTANDING.. Now you will have to be sure you understand each others, needs, biases, weaknesses, does and dont, norms and values .

7.  SEX URGE. Funny right, but this is really important . if a man can not satisfy you on bed, why going into the marriage because definitely you must cheat and you know the outcome of a woman cheating in marriage,. the marriage must be destroyed and it brings set back to the husband. it takes a  God fearing woman to stay faithful in a marriage where the husband is not active on bed.
8 But the most important one is if you will be able to tolerate each other in the good and the bad, marriage on its own is not an easy task. marriage starts when the celebration has finish. 70% of my inbox is from married men. some are just a day old in marriage, some months and so on. so you really need to be very careful in choosing your life partner to avoid had i know   .

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