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Kim Kardashian Has Been Offered How Much to Talk About Her Paris Robbery in Interview?
NBC, the owner of E! which airs her reality TV show, has offered Kim millions of dollars in hopes she would appear in a special to detail the scary incident with a journalist of her choice.
Kim Kardashian had a terrifying night when five masked men raided her Paris apartment and robbed her at guinpoint. Recounting the incident would surely be painful for the reality TV star, but multiple media outlets are willing to shell out lots of money to have her do so. 

NBC, the owner of E! that airs her family’s reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians“, is reportedly one of those expecting Kim to detail the scary robbery in an interview. According to The Sun, the network has offered her millions of dollars and will let her choose whom she wants to do the interview with. 

“NBC want to give her a special with a journalist of her choice to conduct the interview, but they’re panicking because nothing is stopping her from taking a better offer from someone like ABC,” an insider told the publication. 

Kim lost millions of dollars worth of jewelry in the heist that happened four weeks ago. No arrests have been made. A hotel concierge who was also held at gunpoint along with Kim recently shared more details about the robbery, telling ET Online in an interview that the thieves were amateurs and initially didn’t plan to steal Kim’s jewelry. 

“They weren’t there for jewels at first, they were there for money,” the concierge named Abdulrahman revealed, adding that the robbers took the jewelry after he told them Kim didn’t have a lot of cash on her. 

After spending weeks staying inside her home, Kim has slowly returned to her normal self. She has made several public outings and has started filming her E! show again. 

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