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So many women cry out after marriage over the treatment they receive from there husband after honeymoon And i keep telling them to keep shut the fuck up, and go out and make yourself worth it.
No one is disputing the fact that beauty is a good thing but the inner beauty is what says all about a person,  your physical beauty with the absence of the inner beauty will fetch you a man just like yourself. then after marriage , he will keep enjoying your sexy body till you enter motherhood when you will sometimes find it difficult to keep the beauty that attracted him to you, going or to give him all the sweet styles that got him glued to you. What will you then get, your sweet boo will continue to fetch those his desire from women out side your home. keeping you thinking and and crying over a man that was once your God sent. If you try to confront him , he will then give you the beating of your life.

Most girls  have nothing to offer apart from looking sexy , use the best cream, wear the latest design and buy the latest phone to snap and post to all the social media to show how sexy and slay queen they have become . then watch there phone from morning till night , counting their likes and comments .they believe that doing all that will turn men on and draw them closer ,forgetting that satisfying a mans urge is not what makes up a real man.

Now brought me to the question, what real men want from a woman. the answer is just that a real man dont only need a beautiful wife for sexual satisfaction, he need a woman who thinks just like him ,even better, he needs a soul mate that will understand him even without saying a word, he need someone who can stand for him even when he is not their, he need a woman that can suggest positively when it comes to running a home and his business which gave rise to the the saying that in every successful man that there is a woman. real men dont always cheat, they have a lot of willpower  to keep it in their pants. real men dont like screwing up with a woman they dont have chemistry with and they always consider the risk i will bring to their home’.

Please my lovely slay queens , you can still be that woman a real man will love to be with and still maintain your beauty. dont spend all your youth days making-up , dressing to kill and turning up anywhere a DJ takes his speaker to, Build yourself , learn and practice things that can add value to your life. things that will grow old with you, things that will make your home to be strong, things your children will learn from and what will keep attracting your husband and the society close to you even when the physical beauty fades away. real men need responsible wife and mother not a slay queen.

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