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    1, RECOGNIZING YOUR SELF : This has to do with seeing yourself from every angle, to come out of your old self, to evaluate yourself objectively and agree that you can be a person one can actually look up to. 
  It is very important to internalize that the perception of the world about you is not you. Try to give your self a second chance by thinking through yourself on how to be a different and better person. And knowing your worth is very vital in building your new self . your dignity as a person is very important so you have to keep the flag flying all over you.

    2. STATING WHAT YOU WANT: Now you will have to figure out the kind of woman you want to be and then look for such woman around the world through research , make them your role model, read about them, ask questions about them, the challenges they face before they get to where they are . remember, you must not know your role model one on one.
   3: MAKING READING A HOBBY:You should get attached to books, and other method of research , you need to soak up all the knowledge you could when it come to psychology, philosophy,the human mind, the minds interconnection with body and spirit and the pattern of successful people. your learning journey should be centered on human potential and success.
4:TRY TO BE SOMETHING ELSE BESIDES JUST A MOTHER: Becoming a mother will push you into a deep bout of postnatal depression, which can leave you feeling alone and lost. motherhood can bring you face- to- face with some of your darkest thought.  and if you dint control yourself, it will hinder from understanding your purpose in life. but i tell you that motherhood is one of a woman’s challenges in pursuing her dream and also the best thing that can happen to every woman. So that is when planing yourself will come in so that you will learn how to handle your home, motherhood and career.

5:BEAT NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS:One of the difficult challenges you can face in life is fear and self-doubt. overtime, i have come to realize that our own experience  and perception, as well as the opinions of others, have a powerful effect on how we view ourselves and what we can accomplish. we need to break away from our restricting beliefs, and once that is archived, we feel empowered and energized to reach our full potential.

6; SURROUND YOUR SELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE: You need to distance yourself from people that add no value to your life, people that has no positive perception about life. surround your self with people that believe in becoming a better person and choose a great person you know to be your mentor.   

                               WHY  I USED THE PICTURE OF U.S FIRST LADY , MICHELLE OBAMA:She is a woman every woman should admire ,.courageous , decent and has a humanitarian heart. 


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